Create an Invite Link

An easy way to connect to your customers' software without any front-end code changes

You can get started with Konnect without making any changes to your interface or front-end code by using an Invite Link. An Invite Link is a secure URL that opens the Konnect Marketplace in a browser window for authorizing integrations between your app and your customers' third-party software.

To create an invite link:

  1. Go to the Linked Accounts section in your Kolla Admin Portal

  2. Click the button at the top right titled Create Invite Link

  3. Choose the connector you are creating the invite for, or if you want your customer to be able to choose the connector from the marketplace themselves, select `Show All Integrations`.

  4. Input a unique customer identifier as a reference for you (most people use whatever customer ID they have in their own system)

  5. Add an optional customer name for easy reference in our portal

  6. Click Generate Link

  7. Copy the URL and send it to your customer (or use it yourself for testing)

When the customer goes to the URL they will see the Konnect Marketplace appear with the selected connector showing (or a list of connectors if you chose that when generating the link). Your customer will follow the simple instructions for connecting their third-party software to you. After they complete the steps, a new Linked Account will be created and visible in the Kolla Admin Portal.

That's it! Now you have an easy way to connect and authenticate to your customers software without any front-end code changes.

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