Microsoft Teams

Integrate with your customers' Teams account and create rich communication experiences.

Setup Guide

You can create your Microsoft Teams integration in the Azure portal.

You'll need the following information to set up your Microsoft Teams App with KollaConnect:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • Scopes


  • Microsoft Azure account - Setup a free account here

Get Your Microsoft App Client Secret

  1. In the Microsoft Azure portal, go to App Registrations (the easiest way is to search for it in the top search bar)

  2. Click on your app, or if you don't have one, click on New Registration to add one

  3. In your App Registration Details page, go to Certificates & Secrets section

  4. Create a new client secret and keep it handy for later

Add the Kolla OAuth redirect URI to your app

  1. In your App Registration Details page, go to the Authentication section

  2. Under Web > Redirect URIs add the Kolla OAuth redirect URI

  3. Click Save

Make sure your Microsoft App has the necessary permissions set for your integration. You can set permissions under the API Permissions section.

Add the Kolla Teams Connector

  1. Go to your Kolla Admin and go to the Connectors section

  2. Click on Add Connector and select Teams connector

  3. Add your client ID and client secret from previous steps

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