Integrate with your customers' Clover accounts

Setup Guide

You can find your Clover app credentials in your Clover Developer Portal

You'll need the following information to set up your Clover App with Konnect:

  • App ID

  • App Secret


  • Clover Developer Account. You can create one here.

  • Clover Application. Learn more about creating a Clover application here.

Clover requires approval for your app before you can connect to third party Clover accounts. Use the Clover Developer Sandbox to build and test your integration first.

Add the Redirect URL to your Clover app

Clover has a Sandbox developer portal and a Production developer portal. If you want to build and test an integration on the sandbox, you can use the Clover Sandbox connector when adding the connector to your Kolla account.

In the Clover Developer Portal, select your app you are using for your integration. Make sure the app type is set to REST Client (web).

Click on the edit button (pencil) next to the REST Configuration section and add the Konnect redirect URL in the Site URL text box.

Click Save

Double check you have all your permissions set correctly for your integration

Grab the App ID and App Secret from the App Settings page for the next step.

Add your Intercom app to Konnect

Get the following information from your Intercom App

  • App ID

  • App Secret

Login to your Kolla admin portal and go to Connectors. Click on "Add New Connector" and select Clover (or Clover Sandbox) from the list of available connectors.

Input all the data from the previous steps and click "Create"

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