Connect to your users' slack accounts and add communication features

Setup Guide

To setup an integration with Slack, you need to create an app in the Slack Apps Portal.

You'll need the following information to set up your Slack App with KollaConnect:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • Shareable URL


Create a Slack App

  1. In the Slack Apps dashboard, click Create New App and select From Scratch

  2. Name your app, usually this is the name of your company as it will be used when requesting permission to access a users Slack account.

  3. Choose the permissions you will need for your integration in OAuth & Permissions > Scopes

You can change these later, but it will require any connected users to re-connect and approve the new permission

Configure Slack App

  1. Add the KollaConnect redirect URL to your Slack App in OAuth & Permissions > Redirect URLs:

  2. Set your app to be distributed publicly by going to Manage Distribution and clicking the button Activate Public Distribution

  3. For better security go to OAuth & Permissions and in the section titled Advanced token security via token rotation and click the Opt in button.

Add your Slack app to Kolla

Get the following information from your Slack App

  • Client ID (in Basic Info)

  • Client Secret (in Basic Info)

  • Shareable URL (in Manage Distribution)

Login to your Kolla admin portal and go to Connectors. Click on "Add New Connectore" and select Slack from the list of available connectors.

Input all the data from the previous steps and click "Create"

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