Connect to your userss Zendesk ticketing system to create, access, and update records in their Zendesk account.

Setup Guide

You can find your Zendesk OAuth credentials by visiting the Admin Center of your Zendesk Sponsored Developer account.

You'll need the following information to set up your Zendesk App with KollaConnect:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret


Add a Zendesk OAuth client

  1. Go to your Zendesk account Admin Center

  2. Go to Apps & Integrations and under the APIs section, click on Zendesk API

  3. Click on the OAuth Clients tab and click on Add OAuth Client

  4. Fill out the information. Keep in mind for the Unique identifier field you need to add a prefix of zdg- to make it a global OAuth client

  5. Add the KollaConnect redirect URL: https://connect.getkolla.com/oauth to the Redirect URLs section

  6. Click Save and record the client secret to use later in the process

Apply for a Global OAuth client

  1. If you haven't already, fill out your information in the Organization section and click save

  2. In the organization section, click on the Global OAuth Request tab

  3. Fill out the information including your domain for your Zendesk developer account and your OAuth client Unique Identifier from the previous section

Add your Zendesk OAuth Client to Kolla

1. Go to Integrations > Connectors and click Add Connector.

2. Choose Zendesk from the catalog of connectors

3. Name your instance of this connector and input the following configuration items:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

Press the Save button to finish adding this connector.

Connecting to Zendesk

Once your users have connected their Zendesk account, you can use the Kolla SDK to access your user's Zendesk access token and use that to connect to Zendesk.

See the Zendesk REST API documentation for their full API reference.

Any Zendesk API endpoints can be accessed with the Zendesk SDK as shown in this example.

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