Lightspeed Retail (X Series)

Connect to your users' Lightspeed Retail accounts

Setup Guide

You'll need the following information to set up your Lightspeed App with Konnect:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret


  • Lightspeed Developer Account - You can create one here.

Create an App and Add the Konnect OAuth Redirect URL

  1. Login to your developer portal and go to the Apps section

  2. Click Add Application and enter a name for your app

  3. For the Redirect URL field, add the Kolla redirect URL:

  4. Record the Client ID and Client Secret given to you

Add your Lightspeed app to Kolla

1. In the Kolla Admin portal go to Integrations > Connectors and click Add Connector.

2. Choose Lightspeed (X) from the catalog of connectors

3. Name your instance of this connector and input the following configuration items:

  • Client ID: Obtained from the Lightspeed App

  • Client Secret: Obtained from the Lightspeed App

Connecting to Lightspeed (X)

See the Lightspeed X documentation

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